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As a builder of new home, apartments or commercial units, your goals when it comes to painting is to achieve a high standard with both speed and efficiency. This is why Luxe Commercial Painters Perth, should be your first choice as your business partner. Our team has formulated a systematic approach to tackling new builds, which insures that the job will be done in a highly efficient manner without sacrificing the end product, this means all ceilings will be sealed and wall sealer will be cut in at tops and bottoms. Unlike our competitors, we follow proper paint application procedures.

Our team has years of experience within the commercial painting sector, they are experienced in assessing each job individually and will use the right painting tools for each job. We are experienced with completing both multi storey and single storey developments.   Over the years we have partnered up with some of Perth’s best builders, servicing Perth residents with high quality homes, making us one of the most experienced commercial painters in Perth. Therefore it has always been in our sights to produce the best workmanship, we possibly can, to ensure that our partners are happy with presenting the end product to their clients.

As we have decades of combined experience in our commercial painting team, we know very well how to work when it comes to the construction phase of a new build. We are highly experienced in scheduling time for each Painting step by working together with all other trades involved in the building process, to ensure a smooth build with minimal setbacks. If that means that we have to put in some extra time to complete spraying out the ceilings, doors and frames in one day because the tiler starts the next day, then that’s what our team at luxe are experts at.

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 Commercial Painters Perth & Subiaco

We will work closely with all of your supervisors to develop and strong relationship to ensure a reduction of miscommunication.


You can rest assured that we will follow the proper guidelines when it comes to paint application and procedures.


We will make sure to align ourselves with your company’s core values and beliefs, and we will always strive to produce the best clean paint job, with no drips or over spray on other elements of the dwelling.

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Before & After

Before Commercial Paint Job

Before Commercial Painting

After Commercial Paint Job

Commercial car repair shop painted by Luxe Painting Perth

Before Commercial Paint Job

Perth Commercial Complex Before Being Painted

After Commercial Paint Job

Subiaco, Perth Commercial complex painted by Luxe

Before Commercial Paint Job

Total Eden commercial warehouse before being painted

After Commercial Paint Job

Commercial Painters Perth: Luxe painting finished the job