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Dear Home owner,

would you believe us if we said, "We paint your house like a 5 star hotel!"

Whilst achieving a 5 Star finish is straight forward, Lets face it Painting is a tedious and time-consuming job that requires a lot of skill.  It can be expensive, too!

Hiring painters can be a real hassle. finding a reliable Painting contractor these days is like a lucky dip. You never know what your going to get. The key is to not let price be the only differentiating factor. Product and level of service should be at the forefront when selecting a contractor. However let’s say you did what most first timers do:

Out of the Painters that even bother to show up to quote, you choose one based on price, you choose the cheapest, instead of what your gut is telling you to choose, the middle range.  The job starts and It takes forever to get the work done, It  seems like the tradies are on their own schedule, they come and go as they please. leaving you with a messy house for weeks, and you have to deal with multiple people coming into your home. You think to yourself when will this end?

The worst part is You’ll never know if they’re doing their jobs right until it’s too late – Your not the expert to know if their using a primer or sealer. Are they “boxing” together old paint they have gathered from other jobs or using fresh paint? Whats a moisture reader and why did one painter say to the other “I forgot to bring it, reckon we can get away without it?” The other responds with “She’ll be right just get it on” as he starts Rolling your Fresh plaster walls without testing the moisture and Ph levels.

Weeks later they finally finish the job and the walls look great. The colour you spend days figuring out matches your furniture perfectly. Your happy and you pay them, eager to get settled in to your new home you say to your partner “Glad their finally done, took a while” your partner responds with “yeah but we got it done for a cheap price and it looks amazing!”

Weeks and months go by and wear and tear starts to creep up you bump a few walls with your furniture and expose the plaster.

You notice the paint starting peeling around these areas. Thinking its normal and just a bit of loose paint from the bump you begin to peel back the paint so you can attempt a DIY patch and repair. You’ve watched enough HGTV to know how to fix a little chip you think to yourself. But the peeling won’t stop and now its peeling off in decent size sheets. Next minute you’ve peeled back a whole wall. Your partner says “That can’t be normal, we should call the painters who did the job and ask them.”

The next day you give them a call and explain what happen. They say “Its crappy white set plaster mate, its the plasterers fault must of made a weak mix.” Your not convinced so you get a second opinion by calling another painting company. They say it could be from your plaster being sealed too soon – Plaster may have had too much moisture in it. You read up online and watch a few you tube videos and then you remember the painters talking about forgetting the moisture meter.

By now your convinced it was those cheap painters you hired. Your walls are peeling because they didn’t do the appropriate checks.

So you discuss it with your partner and you both decide you have to get them back to fix the walls. but even then there are problems getting them to fix any issues with the paint job, they remind you its been 6 months since the job was finished!

“What about warranty!” you yell down the phone.

“There is no warranty, i told you mate its crappy plaster work” the painter insists back.

By now your feeling anxious and helpless you don’t know what to do. You begin to regret opting for the cheapest quote as you realise you may be facing having to get another painter in to fix the work. You’re worried at how much that is going to cost as you realise the issue is everywhere in the house.

We’ve heard countless stories over the years from distressed clients who have previously had a Perth Painter that has performed poor quality work which the client only realised after final payment. When asked to come back the painter is no where to be found or they play the blame game .

At Luxe Painting we offer fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We offer free quotes so you don’t have to worry about paying more than expected when hiring us. Our experienced team will finish your project in less than half the time of our competitors at an affordable price point – guaranteed! All our painters abide by the  Australian Standards 2311, and we provide a 5 year workmanship guarantee for all our new and repaint work. So you can rest easy knowing that you are fully covered if something goes wrong.

A quote from us isn’t just a worthless piece of paper its our step by step process to how we will handle your project. Our word is our bond so you can trust that although our quote won’t be the cheapest it will be the right quote.

Don’t wait get a honest and transparent quote from us Today!

People Who Trusted Us

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I’ve had Christyan and his team do painting all through my house. They’ve done a wonderful job, i’m really happy with it, and i would recommend them in the future.

Leslie Delaney

Had lots of tradies at my house. These guys have the process worked out, the systems, the supervision, the skills. Really good.

Ros Barns

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Had Christyan and the team from luxe to do some painting works at my house. Over all really professional, we had some initial problems with a few little errors that needed to be fixed, But they were happy to accomodate and returned nice and promptly  to fix things up. Left really happy with the job in the end, so would highly recommend.

Amanda Clark

Had Christyan and the team around from Luxe to do some maintenance painting on my rental property. I found them to be very professional and very courteous, flexible in my requirements and very well priced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a similar job.


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Google Reviews 4.8

What Some other clients have said

The Boys at luxe did a great job on my rental, they were easy to work with and professional. Chris stuck to his promises and made sure the boys delivered in a timely manner. When they finished they made sure to leave the property very tidy and clean, i couldn't find a drop of paint on the floor or any dust. I would highly recommend luxe to anyone looking for a quality job and professionally presented group of tradies read more

Dean Zimmer Google Reviewer

I own several rental properties on Perth's northern suburbs and get them repainted regularly by Luxe Painting Perth, they always paint using high quality paints, primers and undercoats. They prepare the painted surfaces well and use painters drop sheets to protect the flooring and furniture. I have found their prices to be more than reasonable and I am happy to recommend their services to anyone! read more

Philip Davis Google Reviewer

We had bought a house with a fairly tired, messy, DIY paint job, and it really needed an upgrade, inside and out. Chris gave a reasonable quote, and carefully broke it down for us so that we could see where each cost came from. He was great at helping us think about which parts of the exterior were worth painting. Since we had the whole house painted, the service included a free consultation with an interior designer, read more

Catherine Google Reviewer

Fantastic work and easy to deal with! I live over east and had to arrange for my rental unit to get repainted, Chris was very easy to deal with and professional at all times. Took photos of what he thought needed to be done to make the house look presentable. He even made suggestions on things I thought needed painting, such as the ceilings, but after he inspected the property it was his recommendation that it would be a read more

Natasha Sinclaire Google Reviewer

    So, what exactly sets us apart?
    Why should you call us first?

    Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you feel at peace and comfortable.
    We take care of that for you, even on the rooftop and exterior surfaces with paint.
    The team has been in business long enough to know exactly what homeowners want from a paint job- Luxe Painting will accomplish a high quality finish Guaranteed or you dont pay.

    By the end of the job you'll feel like We know you. That's because, at Luxe Painting, we are not just a painting company in Perth - we're your other half! we perfectly achieve your desired result.

    All our team members are experienced professionals with many years of experience in the industry – we take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship at a competitive price.
    We use only top-quality products from leading brands like Dulux, So you can be sure your home’s paint job will last for decades without needing any touch-ups or repairs.


    What we offer

    Roof Restoration

    A roof restoration is a great way to give your home new life. We offer a wide range of services including painting roofs and applying roof coatings. If you need your roof to be repaired or restored, we can help with that too.

    Interior house painting

    We use high quality paint to make sure that the colors inside your house stay true and fresh. Our goal is to not only give your home an amazing new look, but also to give you back some of the time it takes to maintain a beautiful space.

    Exterior House Painting

    We paint your home exterior, and make it a thing of beauty! Exterior painting is not something you want to leave in the hands of amateurs. Leave it up to the experts like us!

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